Testing the disagreement template

An excerpt from the book & more

An alternative to zingers

Is this rhetorical?

Your Rickshaw Weeklinks: Flip it, shorten it, question it, critique it, minimize it, continue it, notice it, and get it.

Weeklinks: color wheels, living in space, and how toilets work


Resurrecting a community

What can we do about our bias?

New Cognitive Biases poster prototype

Well that backfired

🙏 A quick favor...

Every bias in your pocket

Can a bagel be triggering?

Can you be unbiased?

The ostrich in each of us

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6-month Rickshaw update


I'm writing a book about the art of productive disagreement titled "Why Are We Yelling?" that comes out this Nov. And hoping to build a fully-functional creative rickshaw that allows me to survive as an independent writer, creator, and product builder!