🙏 A quick favor...

Please help me spread the word about Pocket Biases.

Hello! I'm launching Pocket Biases on Product Hunt today. If you're interested in the topic of biases, I'd love help spreading the word with whichever method below seems best to you:

The Product Hunt listing (leaving a short comment or review would be awesome)

Share this Facebook post or retweet this tweet (or write your own thing):

Or share it some other way. Or don’t, if you’re not really into it. That’s totally fine too. I won’t ask this kind of thing often, cause I know it’s annoying.

I also started a new Twitter account that will tweet out a bias-a-day for the next 200ish days. It’s another way to keep all this fresh in our minds so we can remember to notice them in our thoughts.

That’s all I got for now! Have a great day.

- Buster