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Hello (again)!

A quick note! First, sorry about that broken subscribe link in that last email. I fixed it and added an 80% discount to it — so just a buck a month for special inner circle status! If that’s totally uninteresting to you, don’t feel pressured because I’m going to be posting plenty of non-inner circle stuff here too. And if you’re already a patron, don’t worry about doing this too… I’ll find a way to merge these things so you’re not double-paying cause that’s not the intention at all.

Aside: Yes, the internet is weird right now with all these blossoming creator tools. I tend to join all of them, and appreciate anyone who puts up with getting stuff via a new platform every couple months. They’re evolving fast. Also, I am so sorry.

First project

The first thing I’m doing is turning the cognitive bias cheat sheet into a mobile web app that makes it super easy to find that bias that’s on the tip of your tongue (thanks to Glide apps for being awesome). I’m about half-way through the process of writing 1-line summaries for all 200+ biases.

In the meantime, paid subscribers will be able to comment on posts here…

Aside: I like comments

… get subscriber-only posts, and will get the same perks I offer on Patreon, including a mention in the acknowledgments section of my book unless there are like a million people who sign up all of a sudden.

Second project

The second project will be to actually provide some new thoughts on how to develop honest bias in today’s weird polarized world. I want to tie it to current events without having to make it all about the current events. I’m inspired by the recent interview between Julia Galef / Rationally Speaking and John Nerst / Everything Studies about the newly proposed field of Erisology (the study of disagreement). What arguments happening right now do you think are worth studying more deeply? There’s an endless supply of disagreements to explore. It’ll be fun!

Anyway, here’s A (WORKING) MAGIC LINK to join the inner circle, if you wish. Things are still very early so there’s no urgency here to disingenuously motivate you with.

Either way, you are the best. Happy Friday.

- Buster