What's the first big thing you'd like to do after the pandemic is over?

How we think about this question might reveal something interesting about our shared mood in this moment.

Hello friends!

I’d like to try another question that helps us identify a shared mood color around a topic. This one is meant to identify how we’re feeling about the future, and what we are looking forward to in the future. Here it is:

One day you wake up and the pandemic is over. What is the first big thing you’d like do that you couldn’t do during the pandemic?

Step 1: Think about your answer to the above question, and write it down somewhere if you like.

Step 2: After you have your answer, reflect on these 6 simple Yes/No questions that inquire about how you answered the above question.

  1. Intuition: Did you trust your first intuition about your answer? Y/N

  2. Skill: Do you have the skills and know-how needed to make this answer happen when the time is right? Y/N

  3. Resources: Did you have all the the necessary information, time, and other resources needed to answer this question right now? Y/N

  4. Capacity: Do you feel like you’ll feel truly ready to do this thing once the pandemic is over? Y/N

  5. Network: Will your close relationships and community support you in doing this? Y/N

  6. Feedback: Do you believe the post-pandemic world will actually arrive at some point in a way that allows you to do this thing? Y/N

You should have an answer from step 1 and something like ‘YNYNYNY’ or ‘NYYNYN’ for your 6 responses to the 6 questions in step 2. I’m interested in your answers to step 1 but you don’t have to share them unless you want to. I’m more interested in your answers to step 2.

Step 3: Leave your answers from Step 2 as a comment on this post or reply to me directly if you’re reading this in an email. You can include your answer to Step 1 as well, but that’s optional.

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Like last time, I’ll use the answers to this question to create a collective mood about our responses to this question. I’ll probably also try to see how it compares to the mood of the last question, and if anything interesting pops up from that comparison.

Thanks for playing along!