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10k books in 3mo would be so great!! I think it took my first book a couple years to reach that... And my publisher considered it enough of a success to do a second edition, and then a third. So this is to say even if you don't reach that, you're still doing great.

Also, I love your comparison of tarot to drinking. Never thought of it that way but it makes sense. The point isn't the specific activity... It's the conversations that can grow from them. Love it!

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Thanks for the context! It's funny because I've definitely read articles about how some books read Pulitzer prizes even though they only sold a few thousand copies. Of course, not everything can be measured in terms of popularity... it probably works out that "great books may not sell a lot" but "not selling a lot doesn't make a great book". 😂

Yeah, it's funny to take an inventory of social conventions that we use to scaffold different conversations. Food, alcohol, caffeine, tarot are the tip of the iceberg. The arrangement of tables and chairs, every room, every public space, even our access to nature and excuses to head out there all play a role.

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